Find Out Your Unique Jewellery Personality

Hi #LotusLady,

Many of you will have heard the saying that "the jewelry you wear says a lot about you as a person". Of course, depending on your personality, your jewelry choices will be reflective of your unique self. But, at The Lady Lotus, we believe that your jewelry is not only an expression of your personality, but that it is also able to evoke emotions within you, influencing your mood, outlook, and sense of confidence. That's why we've designed our premium jewelry range to be as varied and unique as the women who wear it, naming each collection after an emotion we want you to feel when you wear your special piece.

To help you choose the perfect Lady Lotus piece, we've put together this quick guide so you can get started.


You are a kind and caring person who loves to help others. You are always looking for ways to make people feel special and appreciated, and your mindful jewelry choices reflect this. You like a touch of sparkle but always keep it classy. You tend to gravitate towards pieces that are intricate and feminine, with a touch of romance. You are attracted to timeless colors like gold, emerald green, and royal blue, and your jewelry collection includes a mix of classic and modern pieces. If you are a Sweet personality, try adding a subtle touch of sweetness to your outfit with our sterling silver, 18K gold plated Sweet Earrings, which are set with baguette cut cubic zirconia to add a sweet but sophisticated edge to your look. Tip: Don't forget to pair your huggie hoop earrings with the matching stud earring !


You are a gentle and sensitive soul who loves beauty in all its forms. You appreciate the finer things in life and take pleasure in the simple joys of everyday life. Your jewelry choices reflect your refined taste, with a focus on delicate, understated pieces that are effortlessly chic. You gravitate towards dainty chains and pendants, pretty gemstones, and delicate metalwork. You prefer classic cuts and shapes, and your jewelry collection includes a mix of vintage and contemporary pieces. If you are a Delicate personality, our Delicate Stud Earrings are the perfect choice for you. These delicate sterling silver earrings are coated in 18k gold and feature a refined, minimalist design, set with a sparkling cubic zirconia stone. Tip: Wear multiple Delicate Stud Earrings in different colors for a bold statement look.


You are a powerhouse who knows what you want and isn't afraid to go after it. You are ambitious, confident, and always up for a challenge. Your jewelry choices reflect your strong personality, with a focus on bold, statement pieces that make a powerful impact. You gravitate towards chunky chains and pendants, dramatic gemstones, and structured metalwork. You prefer angular cuts and shapes, and your'e not afraid of standing out from the crowd. If you are a Strong personality, our lightweight Strong Earrings will make a bold statement without weighing you down. These earrings are made from sterling silver and feature a chunky, geometric design with a high-polish finish. Tip: Compliment your Strong Earrings with a sleek up-do to really show them off or pair them with a Delicate stud to add balance and contrast to your look.


Hey there, shape-shifter. You're a gifted individual with many talents and interests, and you like to keep your options open. You're adaptable, resourceful, and always up for anything. Your jewelry choices reflect your need for variety, with a mix of pieces that can be worn in multiple ways. You gravitate towards multi-purpose jewelry that can be worn with both casual or formal outfits. You love a good accessory that can do double duty. If you are a Versatile personality, our Versatile Earrings will make the perfect addition to your jewelry collection. Their minimalist yet bold design allows you to pare-down your outfit to make them stand out or dress yourself up to the nines, using your Versatile Earrings as the finishing touch to your elegant ensemble. Tip: Wear them as a single loop for a more understated look or as a triple loop for extra drama.


You are a kind and compassionate person who believes in the power of good manners and etiquette. You are well-spoken, always put your best foot forward, and know how to make people feel comfortable in any situation. Your jewelry choices reflect your gracious personality, with a focus on classic, elegant pieces that exude luxury. You love the finer things in life, and your jewelry collection includes gorgeous, intricate pieces that scream 'old Hollywood'. If you are a Gracious personality, our Gracious Earrings will add a touch of glamour to your look. These platinum plated beauties are set with sparkling cubic zirconia stones and are perfect for your wedding day as well as other formal occasions. Tip: Match your Gracious Earrings to your shoes for a special wedding day look that's sure to wow your guests.


Did someone say 'softy'? You are a true hopeless romantic, with a passion for all things love and relationships. You believe in soulmates, destiny, and happily-ever-afters. You are a sucker for a good love story, and your jewelry choices reflect your romantic personality with a focus on pieces that are feminine, elegant, and dreamy. You gravitate towards delicate chains, dainty pendants, and pretty gemstones. You prefer soft colors and romantic styles, and you love anything that sparkles. If you are a Romantic personality, our Romantic Earrings will be your new favorite accessory. With their platinum plating and cubic zirconia stones, these earrings are the perfect combination of feminine and glam for your wedding day. Tip: For a soft and romantic look, pair your Romantic Earrings with a hair bun and let the shine frame your face.