3 tips for picking wedding jewelry

Hi #LotusLady,

Wedding jewelry is the perfect finishing touch to complete your look for your big day and neatly tie everything together. But you should be careful when choosing which ones to wear; you want your bridal accessories to enhance rather than detract from your overall look.

There’s a multitude of fancy wedding jewelry to choose from but wedding earrings are a must-have because of the elegance they offer to any wedding dress you wear. To help you choose which wedding earrings to wear, here are some considerations.   

1. Your hairstyle

When picking out your wedding earrings, or any type of wedding jewelry for that matter, always consider your hairstyle. Make sure that the combination of your hairdo with your earrings flatters your face accordingly. 

For updos and brushed-up hairstyles, bigger earrings such as drop-style earrings like our Gracious earrings will look best. If you prefer to keep your hair down with soft waves and curls, a pair of simple studded wedding earrings like our Romantic earrings are perfect. Earrings in silver or white colors can match any hair color too so they are a safe choice if you are unsure what to go for. 

2. Your face shape

Another factor to consider when choosing your wedding jewelry is your natural face shape. Your wedding earrings have the ability to complement your face. 

For longer faces, such as those with oval and triangular face shapes, simple small earrings are ideal like our sweet earrings so they don’t elongate your face too much. Meanwhile, bigger earrings will flatter those with round or square face shapes better. 

3. Your wedding dress

Your wedding jewelry can either add or take away from the beauty of your wedding dress so make sure to pick out the right ones to wear on your big day. Some brides think that you must wear necklaces for low necklines but the right pair of wedding earrings are more than enough to leave a statement. 

For low V or low back dresses, wear earrings that are bigger or have a longer drop like our Gracious pair. If your dress has a higher neckline, don’t wear necklaces as they can ruin the top part of your dress and take away emphasis from your beautiful dress as well. Wear simple stud earrings, like our Romantic or Delicate pair, instead to frame your face without overdoing it.

With the right pair of wedding earrings, you can look and feel your best and most beautiful self on your big day. Make sure to get your earrings from an illustrious designer so you can stay confident in what you wear all day.